Thai Massage

Thai Style Massage

Are you looking for an amazing relaxation treatment that leaves you feeling invigorated?

We Incorporate herbal heat compresses to give a modern yet traditional heat treatment that soothes and alleviates muscle tension. The compresses contain up to 14 traditional Thai herbs such as kaffir, lime, tumeric camphor, lemon grass, menthol and tamarind to name a few.

Combined with massage it provides a body purifying and detoxifying treat.

The herbs are renowned for effects such as invigorating, purifying and relaxing relief of tension and stress easing respiration and the soothing of general aches and pains. The oils used soften, nourish, moisturize, brighten and tone the skin improving the skin surface.

Massage should be an essential part of everyone’s well being, to supplement us in our busy lives.